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Expert-writers got 4.8/5 based on 63 customer reviews. Review 2019: Why I Like This Site

Many students have wanted to find a comprehensive review on Expert Writers – so here it comes. I have searched all aspects of the site and used it personally so that you can count on this review. It offers low rates, best communication, and error-free writing services. You can learn more by placing your order there – I recommend that.

Before we get deep into the discussion of the various aspects of the service, first let me tell you what is expert-writers. Have you ever got stuck in a challenging assignment? Are you currently doing a project that you don’t know how to go about it? Then this is the site that you need to use. It’s a website that delivers help with academic tasks. It writes all types of essays, blogs, research papers, scholarship and college admission essays, theses, dissertations, resumes the list goes on.

Customers go through a simple procedure to get the experts’ help. They have to pay a nominal fee, and the writers are assigned to their orders. Everything is completed on time, and the paper that’s delivered is original and excellent.

Students place orders on this site. They consider a good service because they can rely on it for all types of academic help. Since they know that the website delivers quality work, they feel safe to order all kinds of papers here. That’s why they become returning customers, and even spread the word about the site among their friends.

Some customers place orders related to their high-school, others get help with college-level projects, while some users get their university dissertations made from here. The site has highly qualified writers to accommodate the academic requirements of students belonging to different grades and levels. So it is ensured that the paper is written exactly according to the wanted standard.

But a new user doesn’t know much about it. If you haven’t used the site before, you might as well have the question – “the help of expert-writers is it reliable?” The best answer can be provided by someone who has used the service before. There was a time when I also didn’t have an answer to this question. So I conducted my search to find reviews on it. Then I tried the service myself as well. I must say that the writer succeeded in satisfying me fully.

These people can deliver such professional help because they’ve got a proper system. It’s not a random website with careless administrators operating online – it has separate departments to look after each aspect of work. The point is to have a system so that all staff members can make a concerted effort to satisfy the clients. So there’s a quality assurance team, administrators, and writers – the entire staff is very helpful, professional, and knows and fulfills their duties best.

“Does work if I place urgent orders?” So, fast writing is one of the many specialties of the service. You can easily find other websites that do similar kind of work. I have tried many of them and have concluded that services that live up to the claims they make on their sites are rare. Expert Writers is one of those special websites that deliver even better than what they claim about themselves on the site.

Simple and Logical Design – Easy to Use

One of the best features of a professional site is that it has a design that makes everything easy to understand and use. To begin with, you find a catchy green and white theme that’s pleasing to the eyes. Since it’s not scam, you can see the contact numbers reflected right at the top. By the way, that’s the most important information a new user needs. So its placement at the top is logical and rational.

Just below that, but still, in the top section of the home page, you can see the ‘order now’ link along with the standard price of a 1-page essay written at the college level with a 14 days’ deadline. They are auto-filled options that you can change and customize by pressing the links for the drop-down menus.

It’s good that the design places the option of payment in installments in the same top section. Customers who are worried that they don’t have all the money for an order can know that they can utilize this option as well. You might have a question – “is legit?” So you find the information that the website delivers 100% plagiarism-free content. Also, since the terms and conditions oblige the customers to use the service for guidance and reference and not break any rules of their college or university – the site is legit.

As you scroll down, you find a very simple four-step process to place your order. The website shows you information about its last completed orders. You can see how highly rated the writers are, how many projects they have completed, and what customers are saying about them. The design makes the live chat feature available at the home page so you can freely use the customer service.

Biggest Reasons to Use

I have plenty of reasons to recommend this service to you. You will get a fair idea from my own experience. I placed an 8-page order of research paper on the subject of human psychology. The writer was supposed to submit it to me in 6 hours only. I knew that this wasn’t enough time to write a comprehensive research paper.

But the writer surprised me by delivering it to me in 5 hours only. So the site certainly deserves appreciation for its speed of service. And the best part is – I availed such professional service by using expert-writers discount code, so it was cheap.

I have used many academic websites, so I know what’s the usual quality of papers such sites deliver. Expert writers stand out in terms of quality as well as the economy. When you are given these features, the paper is very likely to be completed exactly as per your requirements.
Therefore, three reasons why you should place your order here include:

  • Best cooperation from the expert-writers support staff.
  • Very low rates for work of exceptionally high quality.
  • The option to ask for multiple revisions on the paper all for free.

All Kinds of Services at

You’ll like it that the site offers all kinds of services from the same platform. So the help is not limited to writing orders from scratch. Let’s say you have a paper with the comments of your supervisor or teacher on it and you want them to be addressed – you can get it done from here.

“Is expert-writers reliable if I use it to paraphrase a text? Will it eliminate all plagiarism?” It sure will. Sometimes, customers copy-paste material from online sites in their papers because they don’t want that information to be missed out. But the writers at this site paraphrase it all so well that it becomes original. The services provided by Expert Writers can be divided into the following categories:

  • Writing
  • Rewriting
  • Proofreading
  • Paraphrasing
  • Editing
  • Presenting

If you want to make a power-point presentation, and you just can’t decide the right layout, design, and word-choice for it – this site is your savior. The writer will not only create a perfect presentation but also prepare speaker notes along with it. I read an expert-writers review in which the customer shared how the writer helped her with writing as well as proofreading an already written section of her paper.

Easy Process of Order Placement

Another very admirable feature of this service is the simplicity with which you can place an order here. It took me three minutes to complete the whole process. It constitutes four steps, including:

  • Filling out the order form.
  • Getting a writer.
  • Paying for the order, and
  • Coordinating with the writer.

First of all, let me tell you that if it’s your first time placing an order here, you get an expert writers coupon. It takes 15% cost off your order – that’s a big discount. The order form is very easy to fill, especially because most requirement fields come with their drop-down menus. So you just have to see and choose. That’s the main part.

The administrators assign orders to the writers based on the similarity of their subjects. So a math assignment is assigned to a mathematician whereas someone from the information technology field may get an order related to the topic of computer sciences.

You can pay for the order using either MasterCard or Visa. The expert-writers coupon codes can be utilized while making the payment. They immediately bring the cost down, and it comes as a big relief to the clients.

After you have paid, all you need to do is keep in touch with the writer. All correspondence between a writer and a customer takes place over the message board. Just keep visiting your account frequently. If you find a message from the writer, reply that as soon as possible.

I read an expert writers review in which the customer had shared that the writer got complete instructions over the message board after the placement of order. While that makes the usability of messaging service, you should try to make the instructions so clear while filling out the form, that they become self-explanatory.

Place Your Order to Check the Quality

Having collected so much information about the expertise of this website, there’s no good reason for you to delay placing your order there. Just take care of one thing – place your instructions complete in the order form. Don’t miss out any field. Most of the fields are auto-filled, so if you don’t alter the selected option, it will be confirmed automatically. So it’s important to review every field before proceeding for the checkout.

New customers qualify for expert-writers discounts but don’t think you’ll only get them on your first order. The site keeps informing its customers about occasional and seasonal discounts that they qualify for. To control the price further, you may unselect the options in the order form that you think are not applicable.

Also, try to place your order early because that’ll enable you to place the order with a longer deadline. That’s not only cheap, but also recommendable because you can track the order’s progress by getting drafts from the writer. You can use this site to help with more academic tasks as well. You may as well get an expert writers promo code after using the site once. So get the expert’s assistance now.

A Little About the Real Heroes – Expert Writers

The review on such a great service cannot be complete unless we discuss the most important resource of the website – its writers. The website has writers qualified in all sorts of academic disciplines. They purposely developed such a diverse team of authors knowing that they’ll get orders belonging to unique fields.

Every month, hundreds of writers apply on the website for jobs since the service is quite popular among talented authors as well. But the selection criteria are so tough that only a small percentage can join the expert-writers services. The website informs that no more than 9% of the applicants are successful on average every month. There are several tests, some of which check the grammar of the applicants while others assess the knowledge of the claimed fields and subjects of expertise and the writing ability of the candidates.

One of the most important skills that the applicants are tested for is the speed of writing. The website gives them tough and lengthy essays to write in a very short period. Only the ones with the maximum speed and the best knowledge can accomplish the tasks, and accordingly, they become writers.

How to Have Changes in a Completed Project

The revision period depends upon the size of work. It’s more for lengthier projects. If your order is less than or up to 20 pages long, you get 14 days to have it revised. But if it is longer than that, the website gives you ten more days to have the revision.

“Is expert-writers trustworthy if I keep asking for revisions?” Yes, it is. Writers are obliged to satisfy the customers so even if you ask for a revision several times during its period, the writer will amend the paper accordingly.

Plagiarism-Free Writing Is the Specialty of

At Expert Writers, you don’t need to worry about plagiarism at all. The website states clearly in its terms and conditions that no writer is allowed to plagiarize. Knowing that they have to follow a zero-plagiarism policy, writers deter plagiarism by all means. They know that their work will be checked by the quality assurance team and if their papers are found to be plagiarized, they’ll be fined.

The writers produce content that’s not only plagiarism-free but is also unique. That means that you’ll neither find any copy-pasted material in the papers nor will you find copied ideas or approach from other writers. You can consider expert-writers reliable in its claims because you also get a plagiarism report in addition to the main file. You don’t even have to pay for it because it comes free of cost with your paper.

The website adopts a range of methods to ensure that the papers are free of copied content. For one, the quality assurance staff checks every sentence over the search engines manually. Secondly, they use powerful plagiarism-detection software. That’s why it makes complete sense to declare the help of expert-writers safe.

Strong Channels of Communication and Outstanding Customer Service

Academic help websites operate with a mutual collaboration of and coordination between writers and customers. The administrators know that they can get a request any time from any writer or customer to contact the other party on their behalf. Therefore, they keep the contact information of all their authors as well as clients with them at all times.

When you place your order at this site, there may come a time when you want an urgent response from your writer. If that’s the case, just talk to the administrators over live chat or the message board. The expert-writers reviews I have read reveal that the contact service is very efficient and customers get a response from their writers or the administrators in a matter of few minutes only.

The customer service is also very professional. It becomes evident from the way they talk to you or deal with you when you contact the support staff for any kind of assistance any time. I remember that the first time when I talked to an administrator over the live chat, she solved my query and offered to fill out the instructions’ form herself. I didn’t find any reviews talking negatively about customer service.

Have a Look at Testimonials – Find Out What People Say

I have read 122 reviews in total. Before trying out the service myself, I wanted to know what other people had to say about it. It’s always a wise thing to find out other users’ opinions about service – you get an opportunity to benefit from their experiences. Here are a few testimonials:

“I needed help in an emergency. You people never let me down. Timely submission and perfect quality. Thanks a lot.” (Julia, UK).

“The writer pleased me with excellent work as usual. I’m happy. Will get back to you later with another order.” (Brian, US).

The Site Where You Get 100% Confidentiality

To use the service, you have to share some details about yourself. They include your name, contact information, email address, subject question, order’s instructions, and your bank details. Confidentiality of service is one of the prime preferences of most customers in an academic help service. No customer wants his/her information to be disclosed to anyone outside the service. Website management understands this. Therefore, it grants full privacy to all its users.

I haven’t found any review for that suggested that the website leaked the information of that customer. They say in their terms and conditions that they won’t share the personal data of a client with any outside person. Concern over the safety of information is natural. Every new user who hasn’t worked with this website before may be skeptical about the website’s ability to secure his/her information. The data can be very private and confidential, including bank card information.

The reviews on expert-writers I read just informed that the website follows up with the clients to inform them about discounts. That’s why I experienced myself, as well. So that’s only the kind of follow-up you’ll desire to get if you need academic assistance regularly.

Review of Prices – Here’s What You Should Know

One of the most sought aspects of the service is its price. Customers want to know the average prices charged by this service. They only want to place an order at a site if they know that they’ll get value for their money. At Expert Writers, I assure you that you will.

Before understanding how an order is priced, it’s important to realize the factors that influence an order’s rate. Generally, it’s the size of order, the type of work, deadline, and academic level that has an impact on prices. More than that, there are some optional services that you select as you fill out the order form. They include getting a top writer for your work or making your order a top priority. The price increases if you select these optional services.

To conduct a detailed expert-writers prices review, I browsed several academic help websites. The point was to get a sense of the prices. I can safely say that this service is not the cheapest, but it’s pretty inexpensive as compared to most other websites. However, when you see the quality of work they deliver, you conclude that the prices are fair and justified.

Expert Writers Promo Code – What It Is and How It’s Used

Every customer wants to get promo codes, and why wouldn’t he/she? After all, they bring substantial concessions to the orders. Let me explain what a promo code is. It is a discount offer that Expert Writers gives to its customers through emails. The difference between a promo code and a regular discount is that its concession is bigger. It is offered on important occasions or seasons. I got a promo code offer during the summer vacations. The website offered me to avail it before the end of vacations, and I did.

You Get Safe Payment Methods – Get Rid of Your Privacy Worries

The safety of payment methods in any academic help site cannot be overemphasized. You need to be certain that every penny you pay will be used for the help you’re buying. That’s exactly what happens here. I haven’t found a single review that reported payment issues.

You can pay using either MasterCard or Visa at this site. As you know, these are both very popular channels of payment. They are trusted by everybody for transactions all over the world. You can track the progress of payment online, and the entire system is transparent. You get notified instantly when the payment has been processed.

Some expert writers reviews that I read appreciated the episodic payment offer of the website. This offer is particularly announced for big orders or urgent projects that are pricier. Some customers don’t have enough money while placing an order. They need time to arrange it. So the website offers them to pay in episodes. You have to check with the administrators if you can get it. If you avail this option, just make sure that all episodes are paid on time because the progress of work depends on that.

The Site Keeps Very Fair Refund Policies

Very rarely, a customer may want to be refunded. The company has a high expert-writers rating because it does satisfy its customers. Even though the company doesn’t get such requests often, yet it has made policy for them as well. If you think that the writer has failed to write the paper according to your instructions, you can ask for a refund. The period for it is the same as that for a revision. After the first deadline of your order expires, it’s your choice whether to ask for a revision or a refund.

You get 14 days to ask for it. If you raise a claim that your paper has errors, the quality assurance department assigns a staff member to your order. They thoroughly read your original instructions, and then your paper to find out how it has been done. If a customer’s claim is found genuine, he/she has reimbursed the money.

I consider this policy of expert-writers legit because the quality assurance department always pays attention to details and makes the right decision. You can either have the money deposited in your bank or keep it stored in your account at the website so you can pay for another order using it. So don’t worry and place your order now.