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The Detailed Essay Company Review 2019

Sometimes students find themselves in situations whereby they need assistance with their academic tasks. Hence online writing services become of great help. However, not all functions can be trusted. With this essay-company review, a student can determine whether they should acquire their papers from essay-company. The main question I intend to answer, “Is a good service?”

To know about them, the first question you might have is what is Essay Company? This is an online professional service that provides students with academic assistance, for example, by writing papers on their behalf. The service has been around for quite some time with ten years of experience under their belt already. They have grown over these years, gaining experience in fulfilling academic tasks, and that is why they are recognized widely by students.

Is legit? Yes, they are. For those also wondering, “Does work?” The answer is, “Yes.” They do provide the services that they advertise. There are several services out there that falsely advertise to students to get them to acquire their services, only to disappoint them later on. What makes Essay Company legit is the fact that they deliver on their promises, when they promise. I have used this service before, several times actually, and hence, this Essay Company review is from experience.

You must probably be wondering, “Is Essay Company trustworthy?” Can you trust them with your work? When I first used their service, I was quite unsure whether it was the right move. I was under the pressure of time, and my choices were limited, so I tried the service. I can confirm that this is one of the few services out there that genuinely care for their clients. They aim to ensure that through their papers, they will help students meet deadlines, improve their grades, and even eliminate the stress of having to deal with that task. When I received my paper, I was impressed by the work they had produced. There were no common mistakes in the work, and the language used was amazing. Their writers had also conducted great research on the topic to make the high content quality. Essay-company is it reliable? I received my work within the deadlines that I had provided, which is very encouraging.

Furthermore, Essay Company has ensured that clients have an easy time acquiring their service. This is by making communication easy and the order process straight forward. One of the other important facts that make Essay Company reliable is their prices. Their prices were favorable for me, and this meant that I could use their services for the long term. Furthermore, there is an active essay-company coupon system that ensures that clients have their prices reduced further, among other various discounts.

The Elegant Design of the Website

When it comes to service, their presentation can tell you a lot about how much they care about their image. When I needed my paper, all I had to do was the search for the assistance I needed, and among the top results, I clicked on the company website. Their site has a very welcoming background that is pleasing the eye. Furthermore, the content of their site is very well arranged such that scrolling is quite easy. Some sites I had previously visited are quite congested such that I scrolled past some important information severally. With Essay company website, everything has been allocated properly.

Different Essay Company reviews will agree that their website aims at efficiency and time-saving. This service has made significant strides to ensure that their clients can navigate their site easily and use the minimal time to acquire assistance. At the top of their page, they have provided a menu that guides clients to information that they need to decide whether or not they should procure their services.

First is the list of their services and all the types of papers that they deal with. Then, there is a resources button that contains their samples and also some guides to writing and referencing the different kinds of essays. A ‘prices’ section is also up there together with an ‘about’ section that provides clients with some information about this service.

Their order button is quite visible and is on different parts of the page such that you will not have to scroll up or down to place your order. What I love about their site is that they have provided the process of acquiring their services, which is uncommon to most and hence it was easy to place my order. On the overall, their design is beautiful and allows clients to navigate and acquire the services quickly.

The Numerous Services Offered

Is essay-company reliable for different types of work? Essay Company is known for helping students with their essays due to the name. However, this is not all they do. The service handles several different types of papers, such as reports, articles, assignments, coursework, research papers, annotated bibliographies, and even dissertations. The offers help with papers across over 50 subjects. This means that students can turn to them for their different course subjects.
Apart from paper writing help, there are several different essay-company services. These include:

  • Assistance with powerpoint presentations with notes included for display.
  • Help with different types of application papers such as Personal statements, CVs, admission essays.
  • Proofreading and editing papers to improve the quality of work.
  • Formatting help; different types of formats such as APA, MLA, Chicago, and Harvard.
  • Lab report writing
  • Calculations
  • Help with Programming and design tasks

Some of the fantastic unique services they also offer include: professional tutoring for struggling students, examination revision, Data collection for academics, and even a marketing and business planning service. I have ordered different services from their service and can confirm that they produce quality in the different types of papers and services.

How Easy It Is to Place Orders

Multiple reviews can all compliment how easy they have made their ordering process. The service has ensured that clients can complete placing orders within minutes. Furthermore, the fact that they have provided an order process makes it easier to follow the steps. When I intended to place my order, the first thing I had to do was click on order now button. This immediately took me to a page containing their order form.

Their order form contained different sections that I had to fill in about the service I was acquiring. First, they have a part where you choose your country, type of paper, academic level, subject, discipline, and the length of the article. They have also provided a section of the kind of service you need, whether formatting, writing editing, etc. This service has made it possible to narrow down a student’s wants to a great extent to ensure that they receive the work that they want. Also, there is a section whereby I was supposed to provide more instructions for the writer to follow in my paper. If the instructions are in document form, there is a section you can drop files.

After providing my instructions, I then proceeded to pay for the order, and the amount I was supposed to pay had already been submitted. Finally, all I had to do was wait until the deadline I had provided them. When the work was completed, I downloaded my paper. The service has two additional steps in their process whereby you can review the document carefully and then give feedback if there is any. They will make the necessary adjustments and then deliver the final copy. With their order placement system, clients are assured of getting the work they want to the detail.

Their Awesome Writers

Any review for will concur that they have some of the best writers and editors in the business. The company handpicks its writers using a very vigorous selection process. As candidates, essay-company writers are subjected to background checks. They are required to provide proof of their education in terms of diplomas or degrees. After this, the authors are tested on their abilities in the preferred subjects. They are then tested on grammar and writing.

These writers have an advanced level of language. I communicated with my writer and realized that they had the superior style just by the way they talked. Furthermore, this writer was willing to work with me to ensure that I got the type of paper I wanted. On receiving my writing, all my instructions had been followed properly.

The writers from this service are individuals with higher education. They have over 300 writers with Masters Degrees and more than 50 with PhDs I various disciplines.

The Reasons to Choose the Service

There are several online services out there that provide academic assistance. However, how many can you trust? Essay Company writing is at the top of the list of the services that can get you the quality of work you want.

This service has several various features that easily make it the best solution for students in need of academic assistance. Some of them include:

  • Well trained and qualified writers to handle orders.
  • Your instructions are followed to the letter with this service.
  • Unlimited revisions for papers that will ensure that clients get the quality of work they ordered.
  • A quality assurance department that is tasked with ensuring that work meets the instructions of the client and that the papers are completely free of errors.
  • Price reductions through bonuses and discounts by use of Essay Company coupon codes.
  • The ability to communicate with writers is great for making sure your paper is better customized to meet your demands.
  • Great guarantees that ensure that clients are protected in terms of privacy and against plagiarism.
  • Easy ordering procedure.

Essay-company rating is quite good attributed to how satisfied their clients are. This service always aims at providing the quality students need to improve or preserve their grades.

Place an Order and Be the Judge of Quality

As a student, it is essential to ensure that your paper is in the right hands. Several services will promise student good quality only to disappoint them later on.

I tested the Essay Company with a paper, and I aimed to see whether or not I could trust them. Generally, I can say I was impressed by the whole process and satisfied with the results. I have ordered from them since. Consulting essay-company reviews such as this one are great, but as a client who wants to use the service in the long term, personal experience is quite better.

Place your order, see how you will be treated as a client, and analyze the different advantages of the service. Finally, when they deliver your work, review the quality, and be sure whether they are the right solution to help you deal with your academic tasks.

They Make Changes to Completed Work

One of the essential features that make Essay Company safe is the fact that they allow clients to have changes made to their papers. For one, if the instructor demands, some changes are made to the work that a student submitted. They might have a hard time making adjustments. In some cases, a client might want to be unsatisfied with the work. So where do they turn?

Essay company allows the client to have their papers revised to satisfy the customer’s requirements. Furthermore, they do not charge extra for the revisions. The service is flexible and will allow clients to have the adjustments they need to be made on their work in the cases of change in some instructions. The revisions are done by their writer, and clients can request them as many times as possible. I had needed some change in the structure of my work, and so I asked for it. The writers completed the tasks according to the specifications I gave. This means that this service cares for their clients, and hence, they can be trusted with complex papers such as dissertations.

They Guarantee Plagiarism free Papers

Plagiarism is a great offense currently and can easily be detected by instructors. This is why students have to be very careful. Plagiarized work can lead to strict penalties imposed on a student. Essay Company has the best plagiarism policies in the market. The service ensures that clients receive completely unique work. First, they have a solid no resell system. This means that clients cannot accept work previously delivered to others. All papers are written from start to finish by writers. In addition to this, all documents by their writers have plagiarism checks conducted on them to confirm they are 100% plagiarism free.

Great Customer Service

You can always tell that service values its clients by how well they treat them. Different reviews on essay-company will confirm that they treat their clients well and ensure that they are acquiring the services they need without delays. First, this platform is amazing because they operate 24/7. A client can contact them at any time and still get the assistance they need. Second, when dealing with customer service team, I could see that they are professionals. Third, they are nice, and they respond almost instantly. I did not have to wait for responses.

Their live chat is beneficial in answering quick questions about the service. Furthermore, when I was making inquiries, I realized that I was communicating with another person and not just getting programmed responses. The Essay Company support team will always maintain their cool when dealing with clients, even when they are rude. They understand that sometimes, clients might be frustrated or stressed due to their schoolwork to cause it. The officials will work with you to ensure that you get what you need from them. I also realized that they have a team of customer service officials, which meant that multiple clients could be served at the same time.

Their Bonus System and How It Operates

This service rewards the loyalty of its clients to a good effect. One of the best ways they achieve this is by use of the bonus system. It works differently from the various Essay Company discounts. When a client opts for the bonus system, they are rewarded with it for each consecutive order they place from the service. With Essay Company, you receive a 5% bonus for each. The advantage of the gift, unlike in the discount system, is carried forward and will be used on another order instead of the current. When you place a successive order with them, they credit the bonus to your account, and you will be able to see it when you log in. This reward, however, cannot be withdrawn as money.

Bonuses are used as substitutes for money when placing future orders. The reward a client receives will be worth 5% of the total amount they paid for the paper. In the next order, they will use the bonus as part of the money for the service and pay for the rest. This system is advantageous because a client will not have to go back to their online payment modes each time to pay for orders. With enough bonuses, you can pay for full orders with gifts only and even use bonuses alone to place orders.
H2: Real-Time Testimonials

Still wondering whether is fraud? Confirm from the client testimonials they have provided on their page. This service allows clients to have their experiences with the service featured on their homepage. This means that they are confident in their ability to produce quality work. While going through the testimonials, I noted that the service features the positive and the negative feedback from their clients. They are also updated as more orders are fulfilled. However, I realized that most of these clients had very positive feedback about the service, which means that there is no scam. They do deliver what they promise to their clients.

Here are some testimonies from satisfied clients:

Alison, ‘This service has the most professional writers I have ever come across. They complete work on time and follow all instructions.’

Haley, ‘I like this company because it charges affordable rates and still delivers high-quality plagiarism free papers.’

Total Concealment of Confidentiality

For students acquiring academic assistance externally, it might not be good if the institution were to prove that you purchase papers. Sometimes students genuinely need academic help for various reasons including having too much workload. Seeking online help is the solution to ensure timely submissions. So, why not acquire help from a service that guarantees your safety and also confidentiality? With Essay Company, a client’s info is not shared or disclosed to any parties. They secure their information using HTTPS encryption.

Furthermore, this service does not store client personal data any longer than necessary. With them, you can transact anonymously for the assistance you need. One of the great things I realized about the service is that they do not even allow writers to know the identities of the clients. Besides, while communicating with these writers, clients are anonymous. Another major advantage of this service is that my order could not be traced back to the service. I tested this. I searched for the details of my order on my search engine, and it did not trace back to them. This means that clients can be confident when placing orders from this service without worrying about getting into trouble.

Review of the Company’s Prices prices are quite reasonable for clients. This service does not overprice its services, unlike others. First, their base price for services is quite lenient, considering the quality that clients are guaranteed to get. Another important element of this essay-company prices review is their cost calculator. It has been designed to consider some important factors to determine costs. For example, papers with longer deadlines are cheaper as compared to those with shorter ones. The service has amazing discounts for their clients. First, all customers who order for the first time are treated to a first time order discount. I received 15% on my first order and saved money as a result. There are other discounts, such as holiday discounts during such seasons.

Also, there is a referral discount that rewards clients who recommend the service to their peers. The referral essay-company discount code grants a discount to both the client and the person who made the referral. This service recognizes that their clients are mostly students, and thus, most of them may be operating on a tight budget. Hence they have made it possible for several clients to be able to acquire their services, which is quite commendable. Clients can also use their promo codes to obtain good price reductions on their papers.

Find Out More About Promo Codes

As part of the promotion of the service, a client can get to use their Essay Company promo code to get generous price reductions. This company promo codes are legit, and they work immediately. I received a 10% reduction on my paper after keying in my promo code during check out. It quite was easy to acquire a discount.

This system is evidence that they will try to ensure that their services are available to more students and therefore, more can get help with their papers. Their promotions are also done frequently, and consequently, it is easy to acquire them as a client.

Convenient Payment Methods

In this section of the review, we analyze how safe and reliable payment with this service is. Cash is an essential part of any form of transaction. While making a payment, any client should always ensure that their safety is guaranteed during the transactions. This is because it is their money that is on the line. Thus, guaranteed security during payment is what you get with Essay Company. This service only cooperates with reliable sources of payment. They have quite a variety of methods you can use, such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Maestro. This gives clients the choice of their preferred method. Making payments with this service is quite easy.

Moreover, these methods ensure that the payment reflects quickly. I was able to complete placing my order fast because they confirmed payment almost immediately. With their techniques, I realized that I was protected since they kept my information safe. Also, they had records of transactions that I could go back to in case I needed to.

The Best Refund Policy

When it comes to academic writing services, sometimes refunds are just needed. They may be required for different reasons by clients such as work being below standards, cancellations by the university or even in cases where a client’s instructions have not been followed appropriately. With Essay Company, a client is safe due to their financial guarantees. First, they have a money back policy that is based on the quality of the work. This means that if the work is not of acceptable quality about the academic level, a client will receive a refund.

Some services online are known to frustrate their clients by being difficult when it comes to granting refunds. This is because they are not willing to accept that they have failed their clients. In my case, some previous services were dismissive of my refund claims even when the work they delivered was poor and was delivered past my deadline. I had to request assistance from payment service to force their hand. Essay company will accept responsibility, and grant deserved refunds to clients.

Use the Service to Get Quality Papers at Affordable Prices

If you need well-written pieces at pocket-friendly rates, order them from Their writers are experienced, and besides can handle any task regardless of its complexity level. Visit their website today and place an order.